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12/18/23  11:06 AM PST
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Fashion Forward

Fashion is in a constant state of change – trends, classic pieces, and risky moments! Recently, we have seen brands expanding their size ranges, as well as functionality. These latest accommodations have made it more inclusive in the market for people of all abilities to shop and be stylish!


  1. Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive:

“Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive was created with one goal — to deliver classic, American-cool style with innovative design twists that make getting dressed easier for the entire family. Get inspired by the latest collection, featuring all your Tommy favorites, modified with one-handed zippers, magnetic buttons, and seams that open to accommodate prosthetic. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted to ease the everyday, so everyone can express their personal style without the fuss.”


  1. Zappos Adaptive:

“Functional and Fashionable Products to Make Life Easier” – You can shop “curated products for everyBODY, like easy on/off boots and easy-dressing clothing”.


  1. Runway of Dreams:

A nonprofit that “empowers people with disabilities to have confidence and self-expression through fashion and beauty inclusion. [They] work to give people with disabilities access to fashion that excites and empowers them. [They] raise awareness, educate consumers, advocate for industry change, develop the next generation of design innovators and provide access to fashionable adaptive apparel.


  1. IZ Adaptive:

“Established in 2009 by designer Izzy Camilleri, IZ Adaptive was born from a mission to address clothing challenges faced by individuals with physical disabilities. Pioneering the adaptive clothing category, IZ offers stylish, functional pieces inspired by real experiences and insights. From modern basics to groundbreaking innovations like the ‘Seamless Back Pant,’ IZ Adaptive continues to lead with global impact, earning recognition from media, museums, and educational institutions. Embracing growth and innovation, IZ Adaptive remains at the forefront of accessible fashion.”


  1. Nike FlyEase:

Nike FlyEase “lets you enjoy sport no matter your ability with technology developed from insights from the disability community.” The line features shoes with zipper closures, straps, and easy-entry.


  1. FFORA:

Designer Lucy Jones created a lifestyle and accessories brand, FFORA, which “utilizes the power of functional design and real life experiences to create beautiful products that place the disability at the forefront of design.”


With online shopping being a more popular avenue of consumer purchasing, we are also seeing popular platforms like and including accessible fashion and accessories for their customers to purchase. These retailers and brands are promoting a culture where fashion is for everyone, regardless of ability. As we continue to celebrate the progress in inclusivity, let’s support and encourage the evolution of fashion and diversity in all its forms!

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