Recovering Quadriplegic Wheels The World, Launches Foundation

Aaron Baker
Spinal Cord Injury Lifestyle Specialist | Shield HealthCare
02/05/24  4:50 PM PST
Aaron biking across USA

Ride Around The World! Creating Life-Enhancing Opportunities for a Diverse-Abled™ World

Adversity Into Adventure Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, officially launches with a mission to help others transform adversity into adventure led by founder, Aaron Baker, who will set out on the adventure of a lifetime.

Baker, a recovering quadriplegic, will wheel, walk, and roll around the globe, beginning June 10th, 2024, raising awareness and money for the foundations 3-R Ethos of recreation, rehabilitation and neurological research.

“We’re not just raising funds; we’re raising hopes, dreams and possibilities,” says Aaron Baker. “Every mile I cover, every story we share, and every life we touch brings us closer to a world where adversity is not an end but a new, exciting beginning.”

The Adversity Into Adventure World Tour aims to harness the power of community to uplift and support individuals facing adversity. Embodying these qualities, Baker’s message in motion will span five continents and transcend ‘languages’ and physical barriers so all individuals of varied abilities are inspired to take control of one’s life.


About Adversity Into Adventure Foundation:

With a commitment to fostering resilience and personal development, Adversity Into Adventure Foundation provides high-impact organizations for disabilities with funding in recreation, rehabilitation and neurological research.

“At the Adversity Into Adventure Foundation, we believe that adversity doesn’t define us; it’s how we respond to it that shapes our adventure. We aim to equip individuals with the tools, experiences, and support necessary to overcome obstacles and turn adversity into a catalyst for self discovery,” said Aaron Baker.


The foundations 3R ethos will focus on funding:

1. Neurological Research

We fund the leading edge of neurological science and research today for a brighter tomorrow.

2. Rehabilitation

Quality of life begins with mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. We enhance the most comprehensive programs and endorse individuals throughout their process.

3. Recreation

The valiant expression of triumph over tragedy is the reintegration of a passionate life back into the world.


Examples of recipients of the AIAF funding include:

  • Wings for Life – Neurological Research
  • California Rehabilitation Institute – Rehabilitation
  • Wheel The World – Recreation

Adversity Into Adventure Foundation will focus on collaborations with local communities, volunteers, corporate sponsors, and donors to fulfill its mission. By leveraging the power of partnerships, the foundation aims to expand its reach and impact, ultimately creating a ripple effect of positive change.

For more information about Adversity Into Adventure Foundation, ways to get involved, or to support their initiatives, please visit



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