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Catheter Complications

Recorded Webinar: Common Urinary Catheter Complications and How to Address Them

To view the recording of our Common Urinary Catheter Complications and How to Address Them Webinar,...

Danny Nguyen
See a Urologist

When Should a Man See a Urologist?

In this short answer from a specialist, first published on Cleveland Clinic's page, when when a man should first see a urologist.

Aimee Sharp
Urological Issues

Spinal Cord Injuries and Urological Issues

In this article by our Spinal Cord Injury Lifestyle Specialists, he discusses the various bladder issues that are associated with a spinal cord injury.

Aaron Baker
Urological Health

Urological Health Overview

In this article, we give tips to keep your urological health at its best and link to our other articles about visiting a urologist and more.

Aimee Sharp


This is our main home page for all things related to catheters - male external, intermittent and indwelling (Foley). Learn more.

Aimee Sharp
catheter problems

Catheter Problems: Troubleshooting

Whether you are new to catheterizing or experienced with catheters, you may experience some common catheter problems. Learn how to resolve these issues.

Brooke Phillips, CWCMS
how to clean a urine bag

How to Empty, Clean and Change Your Leg Bag or Drainage Bag

If a doctor has advised you to use foley or external catheters, then you will also need to use urinary bags. Learn how to empty, clean and change your bag.

Brooke Phillips, CWCMS
Introduction to Catheters

Introduction to Catheters

In this introduction to catheters article, we have compiled all our catheter 101 articles, resources, links and glossaries into one spot to help out people who are just beginning their journey with catheters.

Aimee Sharp
Urology Diagnoses

Urology Diagnoses

Urology diagnoses should be made by a medical professional, but there's nothing wrong with educating yourself about what condition you have, or may have.

Aimee Sharp
signs of kidney stones

Early Signs of Kidney Stones

If you've had a kidney stone, you know they can be excruciating. Some lifestyle changes can be made to prevent kidney stones, however if you experience unbearable pain or are worried, it's best to seek medical help.

Taylor Snell
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