Defining Your Catheter Mix: What’s In Your Freedom Kit?

Brooke Phillips, CWCMS
Editor | Shield HealthCare
02/24/20  8:00 AM PST
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Editor’s preface: we’ve received several questions recently regarding what urological products should be used when traveling vs. at home. One product certainly does not fit all situations; just as athlete wears different shoes for different terrains and sports, you may find a mix of products improve your quality of life. We asked our Spinal Cord Injury Lifestyle Specialist and athlete Aaron Baker to explain how he chooses his products to cover different situations. Read his response below.

Make It A Combo! | Aaron Baker

Manufacturers of urological supplies continue to innovate, and there are hundreds of intermittent catheters on the market. With so many excellent choices, how do you make the best choice? How do you find the one that’s best for you? And, do you have to pick just one product?

Personally, I prefer the closed systems like the JAW cath-in-bag. But not everyone with a spinal cord injury needs to use a closed system catheter 100% of the time. For example, I use a combination of products depending on why, where and what I am doing.

A straight intermittent catheter works well when I am in the comfort of my home. My bathroom is already set up, my supplies are convenient, and everything is very clean. I use an external condom catheter plus a leg bag when I am in an unpredictable situation – where I know I will not have access to supplies, a discreet area, or opportunity to catheterize. Additionally, every couple of weeks, I like to give my urinary tract a rest from the physical action of cathing, to allow healing of my urethra and prevent bladder infections. The JAW hydrophilic catheter is great for when I am on-the-go. This self-contained, cath-in-a-bag is sterile and easy to use when I am running errands, exercising, traveling, or touring the city – like in my video series: Mobility in the City! I have also noticed that the hydrophilic JAW is smoother to insert with less friction compared to other catheters, not to mention far less messy without the need for additional lubrication. With the touch-free-system, the JAW has significantly reduced bladder infections (I cannot remember my last infection) and allows me to safely and discreetly catheterize. Wherever I am, I have the freedom and peace of mind to enjoy my day without the dread of an accident.

When I place my order for supplies, I like to make it a combo! I order everything I need at once – Plenty of JAW kits, some straight intermittent catheters, a few external catheters with leg bags, tape, gloves and sanitary solution.

Now you know this is my “freedom kit” from Shield HealthCare – the urology tools I use to stay in motion!

Cheers, Aaron

Aaron’s Freedom Kit

Did you know that you can mix-and-match products in your orders? Below is Aaron Baker’s monthly Freedom Kit mix:

  • JAW (Just Add Water) hydrophilic cath-in-bags
  • Straight intermittent catheters
  • Male external catheters
  • Leg Bags
  • Tape
  • Gloves
  • Sanitary solution

See below for a diagram of Aaron’s preferred cath-in-bag; these are features to look for in any cath-in-bag (tap image to zoom on mobile devices):

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