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Welcome to our Videos Community! Our robust video library showcases videos on a variety of topics to help manage health conditions at home. Featuring subject matter experts such as: Ostomy Lifestyle Specialist Laura Cox, Spinal Cord Injury Lifestyle Specialist Aaron Baker, parents of children with special needs, and our clinical staff of Registered Dietitians, among others.

Our nutrition videos feature information about tube feeding and nutrition management. Explore the tube feeding videos below to learn how to use both the Infinity and Kangaroo feeding pumps. Our videos also cover bolus (syringe) and gravity feeding, along with tube feeding complications, such as how to unclog your feeding tube. We offer many of the above videos with Spanish subtitles as well. These videos may be helpful for those on enteral nutrition, along with their caregivers and healthcare professionals.

From ostomate interviews to how-to’s, some things are best explained in person. Learn how to change your ostomy pouch, dress to impress, shower and swim with an ostomy, shop for a doctor and much more. Watch these videos for great tips from Laura Cox, Ostomy Lifestyle Specialist and ileostomate, and our clinical team, who cover lifestyle and health management topics in a clear and concise way – not to mention fun!

After nearly 20 years in a wheelchair, Spinal Cord Injury Lifestyle Specialist and athlete Aaron Baker has a lot of information to share with others. In this section of our video community, you can find videos about everyday issues such as driving, transfers and traveling; his continuing series “Mobility in the City,” where Aaron explores a U.S. city by public transportation from his wheelchair; and recordings of several of the motivational and informational webinars Aaron has hosted for those navigating life on wheels.

Our videos touch on many subjects, but they’re all meant to be educational and helpful. Explore videos from our GROW contributor, Alethea Mshar, who has tips about raising children who have Down syndrome, or watch a recorded webinar that can help people with incontinence and their caregivers. Please let us know what videos you have found useful and let us know what other topics we should cover.

mobility in the city cincinnati ohio

Mobility in the City Video: Cincinnati, OH

In this video, Spinal Cord Injury Lifestyle Specialist Aaron Baker takes Cincinnati, OH, by wheelchair, exploring the public transportation scene.

Stephanie Struyck Elgin
mobility in the city columbus oh

Mobility in the City Video: Columbus, OH

In this video, you'll find Aaron using a wheelchair in Columbus, OH, and exploring the public transportation scene.

Stephanie Struyck Elgin
Mobility in the City

Mobility in the City Video Series

Aaron Baker explores mobility in the city by visiting US cities to see how accessible their public transportation and tourist destinations are.

Aaron Baker
nutrition tips for older adults webinar

Thrive Over 65: Nutrition Tips for Older Adults – Recorded Webinar

Watch this recorded webinar. 1 CE Contact Hour Available (Provided by Capital Nursing Education). In this session, we cover ways to help combat some of the health concerns commonly associated with aging.

Brooke Phillips, CWCMS
Partnership Program

5-Minute Tour of the Partnership Program Website

Shield HealthCare’s 5-minute tour of the Partnership Program website will help you learn all of the useful tools that are available to our partners who order on the web, which can help your business save time and money: • 10% web discount • Usage reports to help you track spending • Place orders 24/7, at… Continue reading 5-Minute Tour of the Partnership Program Website

Sarah McIlvaine
About Shield HealthCare

About Shield HealthCare

Watch this video to learn all about Shield HealthCare - we've been providing our customers with necessary medical supplies since 1957.

Aimee Sharp
Expert Tips About Incontinence

Video: 7 Expert Tips About Incontinence

In these expert tips about incontinence, we cover speaking with your doctor, diet, weight, kegel exercises, leakage, embarrassment, and UTIs.

Aimee Sharp
Change Incontinence Briefs

Video: How to Change Incontinence Briefs – Tips for Caregivers

In this video, we shows caregivers how to change incontinence briefs (also known as an adult brief or diaper) on another person.

Aimee Sharp
Flu Season with an Ostomy Video

Surviving Flu Season with an Ostomy Video

In this Surviving Flu Season with an Ostomy video, Laura Cox talks about the best ways to stay hydrated when you're sick, and how to avoid getting sick.

Aimee Sharp
Enteralite Infinity Pump Training

Pump Setup: Step-by-Step Training Videos

Watch videos showing how to use an Infinity feeding pump, Kangaroo Joey feeding pumps, how to use an enteral backpack, how to bolus feed and more.

Mary Kuehl, MS, RD
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