Skin Care for New Ostomates Video

Laura Cox, LPC
Ostomy Lifestyle Specialist | Shield HealthCare
09/22/14  11:46 PM PST

In this video, Laura Cox, Shield HealthCare’s Ostomy Lifestyle Specialist, discusses skin care for new ostomates.

Skin care is so important because the quality of the peristomal skin is directly correlated to the quality of the ostomy pouch seal. If the skin is weeping and raw, the seal will not be good. It is much easier to keep the skin healthy than to heal damaged skin. Here are some prevention tips to keep the skin healthy.

First, remove the pouch gently and slowly. If you would like, use adhesive remover wipes or spray to help release the adhesive from your skin.

After the pouch is off, gently clean the skin around the stoma with water or water and a mild, fragrance-free and lotion-free soap. Avoid using any sort of baby wipes or rubbing alcohol.

While cleaning your skin, be gentle. The stoma does not have any nerve endings, so you can’t feel if you’re being a little rough. The stoma also has a lot of capillaries, so some bleeding is okay, but if it is excessive make sure to call a doctor!

Once your skin is clean, dry it completely. Apply the accessories you use and then the pouching system.

After the pouching system is applied, apply heat and a bit of pressure to melt the wafer into your pores. You can keep your hands over the pouch for a minute, use a hair dryer on low or a heating pad on the newly applied pouch.