How to Dress with an Ostomy Video

Laura Cox, LPC
Ostomy Lifestyle Specialist | Shield HealthCare
06/22/15  10:50 PM PST

Watch Shield HealthCare’s Ostomy Lifestyle Specialist, Laura, as she talks about how to dress with an ostomy in this new video!

Laura discusses tips and tricks to disguise your ostomy underneath clothing. She gives suggestions for undergarments that will hold the ostomy tight and close to your body to flatten any buldges it creates. She also discusses what types of clothing may do the best at camouflaging the ostomy pouch.

If you’re interested in reading Laura’s article about how to dress with an ostomy, find it here.

We also have an article about dressing to conceal an ostomy pouch by our OstomyLife co-moderator, Kelsey Scarborough. While Laura’s video and article talk about using undergarments to conceal the ostomy pouch, Kelsey discusses which outfits best draw the eye away from any bulges the pouch may make. Both Laura and Kelsey’s articles discuss options mainly geared toward women — for tips for men, please see Vegan Ostomy’s video. You can also read Laura’s article where she answers a question sent in by a man who wants to conceal his pouch when he lifts his arms and his stomach is exposed.

Here are the links Laura discusses in the video:

Ostomy Undergarments:

Want to watch this video with subtitles? You can find that option when you watch this video on YouTube.

More information about dressing and other everyday tasks when you have a stoma:

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    1. Hi Duane, we will post an article about intimacy in the next week or two, but I did talk about intimacy and having an ostomy on today’s webinar. It will definitely be posted today or tomorrow and you’ll be able to find it on our site! Thanks!

  1. After a tour in Nam , I would have rather have lost an arm then have received an ileostomy. So running around with a in your face attitude just didn’t fit me.

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