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Aimee Sharp
Author | Shield HealthCare
10/15/15  10:12 AM PST

In this OstomyLife webinar, Laura Cox, our Ostomy Lifestyle Specialist, discusses various topics related to having an ostomy and ostomy education with special guests Eric Polsinelli, of Vegan Ostomy; Brian Greenberg, of The Intense Intestines Foundation; and Bret Cromer, of the United Ostomy Association of America and Youth Rally.

You can find our guests’ sites here:

Eric Polsinelli, of Vegan Ostomy

Brian Greenberg, of The Intense Intestines Foundation

Bret Cromer, of the United Ostomy Association of America and Youth Rally

You can find a transcript of our other roundtable session recorded that day in this series of articles, divided into topics:

So You’re Getting Ostomy Surgery …

Ostomies Can Change Life for the Better

Inform Yourself about Ostomies

Ostomy Awareness

For more information, see related articles and resources here:

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I had emergency ostomy surgery last march. I have a peristomal hernia the size of a breast. Is that normal?
Unfortunately, hernias can often occur following ostomy surgery.
We definitely recommend speaking to your surgeon about the issue, but additionally ...

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