Aging With Care: Downsize Your Home to Age in Place

Aimee Sharp
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08/15/17  11:52 AM PST
Age in Place

Aging With Care: Downsize Your Home to Age in Place By Marla Beck for Madison Park Times

Okay baby boomers, is it time to downsize and move into a house better suited for aging?

Does the following describe you? The kids moved out a few years ago and you’re still living in the multi-story home where the kids grew from babes to college graduates.

A single-story house with a small yard is well-suited for aging in place. Maintenance will be manageable. And, as mobility challenges arise, there will be no stairs to the bedroom and bath.

Besides, a small place makes it difficult for adult kids to take up residence with you.

Does it make financial sense?

With Seattle’s real estate market being so unbelievably hot, there are financial factors to consider. Finding an affordable replacement will be difficult. On the other hand, selling your family-sized home might net cash for your retirement nest egg, pay for moving expenses, and cover the cost of a smaller home.

If you are considering this, I would start by researching various areas throughout the city and surrounding communities. Make neighborhood a priority. Factor in access to groceries and health care. Make sure the neighborhood is safe and relatively free from crime.

Once you’ve narrowed down the neighborhoods, then research what’s available. Online resources like Zillow and Trulia let you search and filter the marketplace by zip codes, price, and other factors.

How quickly you decide on a replacement home depends on your personality…impulsive or thoughtful.  My suggestion: Study the market for a few months and get a sense of the price points of both your current home and homes in neighborhoods where you’d feel comfortable downsizing.

Here’s an issue that regularly comes up: My aging clients find health and mobility dictate a move to a house with access compliant with the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act – wider doorways, walk-in tubs or showers with seats and safety bars, and higher toilets. Prioritize these amenities when choosing a home.

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