Crab Shell Bandages To Be Sold In U.K.

Aimee Sharp
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02/18/16  9:58 AM PST
Crab Shell Bandages

“Crab Shell Bandages To Be Sold In U.K.” By Chandra Lye for HNGN

Researchers in the United Kingdom have discovered a way to get a healing mineral from crustacean shells into a wound dressing.

Bandages made of crab shells could soon be on the market in the United Kingdom. Researchers at the University of Bolton have found a way to create wound dressings with chitosan, a mineral found in crustacean shells, according to the Daily Mail. The mineral has healing properties and can even kill bacteria.

“Alginate and chitosan both have a history of being used in medicine. Chitosan is naturally antimicrobial and accelerates wound healing activity, so it does heal and kill bacteria,” lead research professor Mohsen Miraflab said.

Known as the alchite wound dressing, it is nearly ready for commercial sales, according to the University of Bolton website. It will be produced in China and sold to customers in the United Kingdom.

The team took 10 years to develop the bandage and the university claims they are the first team to be able to create a strong fiber for wound dressing.

Developers forecast they could make more than $350 million USD, according to the Mirror.

Read the Full Article and Watch a Video at HNGN.

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