Video: The Financial Impact of Pressure Injuries

John Maynard
Product Manager, Ostomy and Wound Care | Shield HealthCare
04/13/16  4:53 PM PST

In this whiteboard animation, Shield HealthCare gives you information about how pressure injuries (aka pressure ulcers) impact the healthcare system and patients. Pressure ulcers (PU) or pressure injuries affect three million adults at an annual cost to the U.S. healthcare system of more than $11 billion. What’s more, nearly 60,000 patients die each year as a direct result of a PU. Indeed, they are a major health problem, and with increasing health care costs, an aging population and a sharp rise in diabetes and obesity, the burden—and toll—of PU will likely grow. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Watch to learn more about how much pressure injuries cost and how to create change.

You can find our infographic with these statistics here.

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