Introducing Our Free Wound Management Guide

John Maynard
Product Manager, Ostomy and Wound Care | Shield HealthCare
08/17/16  12:30 PM PST
wound management guide

We are pleased to offer our wound management guide. This pocket-sized reference guide includes the updated NPUAP guidelines, as well as wound definitions and descriptions, including full-color photos. The booklet is designed to not only help you stage the wound but also determine treatment plans to help manage the wound. In addition, there is also a product guide and a glossary.

Once you enter your information and click “Submit Request,” you will receive an email with a link to a digital PDF copy of our guide.

Learning Objectives

This reference booklet adds to Shield HealthCare’s Skin Preservation Program with guidance on product selection and treatment for a variety of wounds, from skin tears and deep tissue pressure injuries to full-thickness, Stage 4 pressure injuries. By following a good routine of evidence-based treatment and preventive care, clinicians and patients can see an overall reduction in skin breakdown and improved patient outcomes.

With over 1,900 combined hours of specialized wound training and 100+ Certified Wound Care Market Specialists, Shield HealthCare understands that skin issues are complex and affect the overall health and well-being of your patients. Our Skin Preservation Program is designed to educate, inform and empower patients and clinicians with materials that guide us toward best practices in skin care.

Contact your local Shield HealthCare sales office to discuss your patient’s needs with a Certified Wound Care Market Specialist.

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