Just. Add. Water.
Introducing the JAW™
a revolutionary all-in-one intermittent catheter.
Cath Anywhere, Anytime.
Offers greater lifestyle flexibility
easier to use at home, around town, on vacation.
Easier, Safer & More Comfortable.
Reduce Doctor’s Office Visits and Improve Quality of Life
with an affordable all-in-one catheter.
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Everything’s Included

This touch-free all-in-one cath in bag has everything you need. The hydrophilic coating eliminates the need for messy lubricant jelly.

Improves Health & User Comfort

Low-friction, hydrophilic surface coating for smoother insertion and easier removal. User-Friendly, touch-free design.

Improves Quality of Life

The JAW gives you the freedom to safely catheterize no matter where you are. Ideal for wheelchair users or when bathroom access is difficult.

Reduces Doctor Visits

Touch-free cath in bag reduces the risk for UTIs – hydrophilic coating aids in reducing the risk of micro-trauma damage to the urethra.

Significantly Increased Value

Hydrophilic cath in bag without an increased user co-pay and without increased documentation from the physician.