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For complete instructions on how to activate the JAW catheter's hydrophilic coating, please view our how to use page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers? Many commonly asked questions can be answered from reading our FAQs below.

Do I need a prescription from my doctor to order a sample?

No – a verbal authorization from your doctor is all that is needed to ship your sample.

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Do I need other documentation – such as chart notes or previous prescriptions?

Not for a sample. If you decide you would like to order a full supply of the JAW catheter we will obtain a prescription from your physician.

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When will I get my sample?

Your sample will ship within two business days after receiving a verbal authorization from your doctor.

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Can I order more than one no-charge sample?

No, but one sample pack does contain five catheters. If you like them, you can place an order for a 30-day supply.

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How do I place an order for a 30-day supply?

Simply call 1-800-342-7371 and a Shield-trained customer service representatives will help you.

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How do I lubricate the catheter?

After using, do I have to tie off the bag?

No. You don’t tie this bag like you would with others. Just close the green cap to seal the bag shut and dispose of the urine and bag properly.

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What is the best way to drain the bag?

Tear the perforated corner at the top of the bag to create an opening and pour it into an appropriate receptacle.

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Do you have the French size I need?

We offer sizes 12 FR, 14 FR, 16 FR and 18 FR.

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Do you have this catheter in a Coudé tip?

No. At this time, a Coudé tip is not available.

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Are the catheters Latex and DEHP-free?

What is the billing code for this catheter?

The JAW is billed as a straight intermittent catheter.

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Will my patient need additional documentation to receive this catheter?

No. Your patient will only need a standard physician prescription for intermittent catheters.

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How do I take a sample from the bag?

Gain easy access for a sample by opening the green cap.

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