All-in-One Design

  • Provides freedom to safely catheterize anywhere
  • Ideal when bathroom access is a challenge
  • Reduces the risk for UTIs with touch-free insertion

Fire-Polished Tapered Eyelets

  • Smooth insertion and removal
  • Reduced micro-trauma to the inner lining of the urethra
  • Speeds the draining of the bladder

Easy-to-Close Cap

  • Closes to easily seal the collection bag after use
  • Provides access to urine for a medical sample

Hydrophilic Coating

  • Eliminates the need to apply gel lubricant
  • Fully covers the catheter
  • Customers surveyed indicate improved lubrication over their current products

Sterile Water Pouch

  • Breaks easily - even for those with limited dexterity or strength
  • Travels in pockets or packs without bursting

Additional Features

  • Perforated tear feature for emptying the bag
  • Loop allows for hanging or holding the bag
  • Graduated bag allows for measurement of urine
  • Latex-Free
  • DEHP-Free

Available Sizes

The JAW Catheter comes in four sizes from 12 to 18 French

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