These catheters are the best! Very easy to use. No need for gloves, lubricant jelly or a urinal. There’s nothing I dislike about it!
Michael J.
Great idea…I love the ability to prevent introducing bacteria and even use in an environment where it might be difficult to clean your hands well. Nice idea.
Mark E.
I like that it came with lubrication.
I love it!
Jean F.
A good product. I like the bag for on the go.
Kyle T.
I like this new catheter — it’s easier to use since it’s all-in-one. Insertion is easy and smooth. I love the bag — I can easily empty and throw it away. This catheter is easy to use with no hassle. I recommend it.
Manuel H.
The hydrophilic coating is superior to the gel based lubricant, so insertion is much smoother. I like the ease of insertion the hydrophilic coating provides. this is a superior product compared with my current catheter.
David Z.
I liked the cap it was better and less worry about cap coming off and spilling out.
Tyrone S.
I like that the bag is attached, normally I have to find a bag, cup, or use my catheter package to make a funnel to the toilet to pee in. It would make cathing at night very easy as well.
Paije C.
Great! I like that it equally lubricates the entire catheter unlike pre lubricated catheter.
Mark H.
I really like this catheter. I found it easy and convenient to use. I like not having to touch the catheter. Found it handy to use in public and while traveling.
Stephany F.
It’s very easy to use and convenient. Very simple. I like the fact that they’re slim and you could fit them in your pocket! They work great! NICE!
Blas J.

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