A handheld medical device that displays glucose data and trends over time.
Small, portable devices that measure the amount of glucose in a blood sample.
These small, discreet disposable sensors are applied to the skin to collect glucose data that is continuously transmitted to a paired receiver or compatible smart device 24/7.
Lancets are used to make a small puncture in the skin to obtain a blood sample. Test Strips are used with blood glucose meters to read glucose levels in a blood sample.

The new Dexcom G7

Manage diabetes with confidence and make better decisions in the moment with the most accurate Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) on the market. Dexcom G7 delivers glucose numbers in real-time — no fingersticks required. Effortlessly see your glucose levels and where they’re headed, so you can make smarter decisions about food and activity in the moment to take better control of your diabetes.

More Than Just Products

We do more than just ship products. We provide comprehensive customer and clinical service programs that include insurance billing on your behalf. Service is what home care is all about, and at Shield HealthCare, we take pride in customer service and satisfaction.

Expanded Insurance Coverage

Did you know Medicare covers diabetes supplies? Due to recent Medicare changes, millions more people are now covered for Continuous Glucose Monitors. New expanded coverage is found in many states for those also covered by Medicaid, Medicaid Managed Care Plans* and Medi-Medi (*coverage may vary by health plan.) If you are still going to the local pharmacy, we can help you get the supplies you need with the benefit of direct-to-your-door FREE home delivery!

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