Diapers & Briefs
Adult diapers, briefs, protective underwear, pull-ups and more are available for children and adults.
Pad & Pant Systems
Systems include absorbent pads that are worn inside specially-designed pants, providing moderate protection.
Breathable undergarments provide abundant protection for moderate incontinence. With cloth-like back sheeting, diapers are comfortable and quiet.
Pads, liners and guards are designed for incontinence and provide the ultimate in leak protection. Products are available in a variety of shapes and absorbencies.
Skin Care
Products include gloves, skin cleansers and antimicrobial creams specially formulated to protect and soothe skin tissue.
Mattress Covers & Underpads
A variety of disposable underpads recommended for surface protection to quilted waterproof sheeting for bed protection are offered.

We bill your insurance

Get your incontinence care supplies at little or no cost to you. Did you know Medicaid covers incontinence supplies? If you have Medicaid, your supplies are covered at 100% – meaning your supplies would come at no cost to you! If you are still going to the local pharmacy, we can help you get the supplies you need with the benefit of direct-to-your-door FREE home delivery!

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