A vast selection of one- and two-piece pouching systems, both open and closed, with frequent additions of new and popular items.
Protect peristomal skin and create a leak-free fit with contour-filling stoma paste, moldable barrier rings, and alcohol-free, skin-friendly barrier strips. 
Adhesive remover helps break down adhesive, reducing skin irritation, while barrier wipes and barrier powders help protect the skin and improve adhesion.
Irrigation kits are used to help regulate bowel movements for many colostomates.
A broad range of ostomy care products, including belts, tapes, wipes, adhesives, inserts and more.
Odor eliminating spray and lubricating deodorant minimize odors associated with pouching systems.

We bill your insurance

Get your ostomy supplies at little or no cost to you. If you have Medicare and a secondary insurance, your secondary plan should cover any co-insurance remaining after primary coverage. If you have Medicaid, your supplies are covered at 100% – meaning your supplies would come at no cost to you! If you are still going to the local pharmacy, we can help you get the supplies you need with the benefit of direct-to-your-door FREE home delivery!

More Than Just Products

We do more than just ship products. We provide comprehensive customer and clinical service programs that include insurance billing on your behalf. Service is what home care is all about, and at Shield HealthCare, we take pride in customer service and satisfaction.

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