An Easy Transition
From Your Care to Ours…

Discharge Planning Program

Let us make your job easier with our seamless, hassle-free discharge program. We’ll be there to ensure your patients’ supplies arrive at home when they do.
Peace of mind is guaranteed.

Shield’s Discharge Planning Program...
• Coordinates with medical team on patient’s medical supply needs
• Meets with patient, family, and caregivers to communicate
available products & services
• Assists in gathering prescriptions and qualification requirements
for billing purposes

For Enteral Tube-fed Patients...
- Complete enteral pump training
- Nutrition assessment by a Registered Dietitian
- Post discharge 3-day follow-up and quarterly wellness checks
- 24/7 on-call service for enteral pump operating issues

Continuity of Care

When 99% of our customers state year after year that they would recommend us, we know we have succeeded in our mission to be a caring and compassionate company.

Shield HealthCare goes above and beyond what’s expected to ensure your patients’ medical supply needs are being exceeded and that they are happy. We offer:

• Friendly, experienced customer service agents who understand your patients’ needs.
• Dependable home delivery in discreet packaging, at no cost to your patient.
• Convenient Medi-Cal, Medicaid, & Medicare insurance billing on the patient’s behalf. We also accept Medicare assignment.
• Over 10,000 products in stock for all your patients’ disposable medical supply needs.

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Educational In-services

Knowledge is power. Shield HealthCare believes our job is to help empower and educate you, whether that’s on patient care topics or reimbursement changes that affect your patients’ ability to receive their medical supplies.

Shield’s educational program is designed that licensed clinical professionals. The courses reflect a variety of skill and knowledge sets considered essential in today’s changing healthcare market.

All courses are accredited for continuing education credit through Medcom Inc.