Nationwide since 1957, Shield HealthCare is more than just a supply company: we’re your partner in care. Stay up-to-date with online CE courses, videos and educational webinars covering the latest healthcare topics for both you and your patients.

From product sampling to securing prescriptions & insurance authorizations, lifestyle support, and robust patient education in multiple languages, we support your patients across the continuum of care.

Pull-ups, diapers/briefs, liners and pads, underpads, mattress covers, wipes, cleansers, moisturizers, barrier creams and more.
Drainable and closed pouches, urostomy pouches, wafers, barriers, moldable rings and paste, belts, irrigation supplies and other accessories.
Feeding tubes, pumps, formulas, emergency gravity kits, backpacks and other accessories with support from on-staff Registered Dietitians.
Indwelling/Foley catheters, intermittent and external catheters, leg bags, night drain bags, irrigation systems, syringes and other accessories.
Advanced wound care items, including alginate, collagen, foam, hydrocolloid, and hydrogel dressings, plus bandages, gauze, tape and more.
Brand name portable double electric breast pumps, breast flanges, milk storage bottles and bags, nursing pads and other accessories.

Place and track referral orders online

See how the SHARP portal makes referrals easier With the Shield HealthCare Access Referral Portal (SHARP), it’s easy to place referrals on your computer or right from your mobile device — as well as check the status of all your orders. SHARP is a complete online referral solution that will save you time and help you improve patient outcomes.

Discounted Supplies

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Your Partner in Care

We do more than just ship products. We provide comprehensive customer and clinical service programs that include insurance billing on your behalf. Service is what home care is all about, and at Shield HealthCare, we take pride in customer service and satisfaction.