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Dressing for Success: 5 Tips to Impress During a Job Interview

Jessica Kolber
Recruiting Specialist | Shield HealthCare
10/27/16  2:58 PM PST
Dress for an interview

Did you know we’re hiring here at Shield HealthCare? Be sure to check out our open positions – but first, get some helpful tips. The old adage, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have” may have deeper roots than most realize. The attire you wear to a job interview gives the company an instant snapshot of the type of person you are. Aside from that first impression, the clothes you wear to an interview can actually affect your mental and physical performance, either positively or negatively. Follow our top five tips to dress your best at your next interview and (hopefully) land your dream job!

  1. When in doubt, go for the conservative option
    A conservative outfit portrays an image of success. It shows the interviewer you care about the interview and have a genuine interest in the position. Stick to neutral tones like black, gray, or navy. Make sure garments are clean, pressed, and free of stains or pet hair. Feel free to add pops of color in the form of an accent like a tie or blouse that complement your outfit but do not take the focus away from you.
  2. Avoid wearing excessive cologne or perfume
    Many people are allergic or sensitive to strong scents so it is best to avoid wearing an excessive amount of cologne or perfume to an interview. Keep in mind that some deodorants and hair spray/gel can have strong scents as well. Try not to apply them immediately before the interview.
  3. Play it safe with tattoos, piercings, and facial hair
    Quite a few companies still have strict policies on visible tattoos, piercings, and facial hair. Let your skills show rather than your body art by wearing clothes that cover your tattoos and removing any facial piercing pieces (aside from conservative earrings for women). Make sure facial hair is trimmed and neatly groomed.
  4. No gum, candy or other objects in your mouth
    Chewing gum, eating candy or having any other objects in your mouth is distracting. Make sure you discreetly dispose of gum or candy prior to the interview and leave all other objects out of your mouth to avoid a disturbance during the interview.
  5. Clean and polished conservative dress shoes
    Appearance extends all the way down to your shoes. Make sure shoes are professional: for men, a polished dress shoe; for women, a low, stylish heel or business flat. Avoid flip-flops, tennis shoes, or other casual footwear.

Dressing for success will not guarantee you get the job, but it certainly won’t hurt. Make sure you wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. This way you’ll be able to put your best foot forward.


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