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Webinar Video and Slides: Pressure Injury – Choosing the Right Treatment

John Maynard
Product Manager, Ostomy and Wound Care | Shield HealthCare
08/05/16  8:23 AM PST

For anyone who missed our recent “Pressure Injury: Choosing the Right Treatment” webinar, presented by Nancy Morgan, RN, BSN, MBA, WOC, WCC, DWC, OMS of the Wound Care Education Institute (WCEI), you can find the recording and presentation slides below! If you’d like to receive CE credit for watching this webinar, please scroll down below the video and read the instructions (please do so before watching the video).*

In this hour-long webinar, you can learn about pressure injury treatment interventions including: repositioning and offloading, non-compliant patients, support surfaces, seating, and an overview of topical products for healing pressure injuries.

You can find a detailed outline of the “Pressure Injury: Choosing the Right Treatment” webinar here.

*To receive CE Credit for watching this webinar, first head over to the Wound Care Education Institute’s site. You cannot receive credit by watching the video above.

At the WCEI site, you can register and then view the recorded webinar. On the first page, you will notice that it says the cost receive the CE credit is $10. For viewers coming through Shield HealthCare, we are able to offer a special code that will waive that fee. The code is: SHIELDWEB

After you have created an account and used the above code, you will be able to watch the video for free. After viewing, WCEI will email an evaluation to you. Once they complete the evaluation, your CE will be emailed to you automatically.

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