Choosing the Right Ostomy Products

Aimee Sharp
Author | Shield HealthCare
11/24/16  12:05 PM PST
Ostomy Products

Finding the right products for you is all about trial and error. What may work well for your fellow ostomates may not work well for you. Sometimes, the ostomy products that worked best for you in the weeks after osotmy surgery may not be what you need after a few months, due to the normal decrease in size of the stoma during the first few months of healing after surgery. Did you know that you can even become allergic to supplies that you’ve been wearing for years? Sometimes you’re forced to start all over again – but even if that is the case, we have the information to help you out. Have no fear! There are so many ostomy products out there, that there will surely be a product that works for you!

What works for you might be from a combination of brands, or even from a manufacturer you’ve not heard much about. Explore the topics below for more help finding the ostomy products that will work best for you:

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