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Caregiver Story Contest Winner Spotlight: A Tender Love Story By A Devoted Husband

Gina Flores
Caregiver Advocate | Shield HealthCare
02/01/12  4:39 PM PST

Congratulations to Jorge V., Caregiver for his wife in Northridge, CA

Jorge was one of five caregivers awarded the $250 runner-up prize in Shield HealthCare’s 11th annual “What Makes Caregiving Rewarding?” Story Contest.

Jorge’s Winning Story, titled “A Tender Love Story” (translated from Spanish):

It was July 29, 1957 in my native city of Sullana, Peru when guided by the great love we have for each other my wife Rosalía and I decided to marry. More than 50 years of endless love, friendship and loyalty have gone by. We didn’t have any children, and yet nothing has kept us from being happy. Naturally, we’ve shared the many emotional stages that accompany any marriage.

We recently celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary with friends and family. We shared happy moments of unforgettable memories. We’ve taken time to go over our path and relive the most beautiful moments of our life together.

A major part of our success has undoubtedly been due to our great affinity. We are good natured, humble, kind, pleasant and communicate well. We sweeten our moments with music, selected music. My wife was a piano teacher for many years, and I studied singing as her student.

28 years ago, my wife Rosalía suffered a sudden attack of glaucoma, which left her partially blind. As the years went by she lost her sight and today she is completely blind.

The time came to put the love and unlimited help she required to the test. I have had to fully undertake this huge task.

For several years now I have been giving my best to help every day, with great love and determination. I do everything alone, from the minute details of her care to providing her nutrition, personal hygiene, clinical treatments and the quality of life she requires. I don’t mind doing this despite my age, because I do so with unlimited love and am HAPPY.

My daily chores include providing the varied diet she requires. I can share with you that when we were married, I only knew how to fry eggs, but now I can prepare 37 different international dishes. I find this very amusing.

Sometimes I see a few tears of pain peering from my beloved wife’s eyes. When I ask her why she says:

“It pains me deeply to recognize I am a very heavy burden to you and cannot help you.”

I answer, “My love don’t feel that way. All of us must fulfill a mission in this world. Divine plans come to pass and we are all instruments of God’s will. He entrusts certain missions to us and my mission is taking care of you. For me, this is a privilege and I do it gladly. Besides, I am convinced that if things had been the other way around, you would have taken care of me in the same way: with utmost care, tenderness and the love that unites us.”

“I have no regrets because I’ve known you all my life and know who you are. God gave me a gift in such a wonderful wife as you are.” A tender kiss. Amen.

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