Philanthropic Highlight: Cottage Rehab Hospital Foundation

Brooke Phillips, CWCMS
Editor | Shield HealthCare
09/03/21  9:15 AM PST
Cottage Rehab Hospital Foundation

As part of its philanthropic vision, Shield HealthCare commits substantial funds to health organizations and community causes each year. This September, Shield has committed $10,000 to Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation (CHRF)’s Empowering the Community 2021 program.

Cottage Rehab Hospital Foundation (CRHF)’s Empowering the Community 2021 program is designed to empower disabled individuals in our community and to empower the community by increasing awareness and acceptance of the disabled.

The Empowering the Community 2021 program includes four exciting key elements:

1. Junior Wheelchair Sports Camp (JWSC) 2021

JWSC is a virtual, 4-day camp, hosting 50 campers, free of charge for all.

Wesley Hamilton, a nationally known spinal cord injury survivor, nutritionist, world champion adaptive weightlifter, fitness expert and disability fashion model will be the special guest instructor. Throughout the camp Wesley will inspire and instruct campers on living their best lives, staying happy and healthy and making every moment count. Each camper will receive an activity box with equipment needed to participate. Campers will invite their own “sidekick” to assist them with the activities at home as they are challenged to try new sports and pursuits. Campers will be challenged to a friendly film competition.

2. Spinal Cord Injury Life Education Series

This series is a monthly support group for adults and their families adjusting to and living with spinal cord injury.
Wesley Hamilton will meet with this group, up close and personal, to discuss how he has adapted his thinking and his home to accommodate his new life following spinal cord injury. Wesley is not only inspiring, but he is innovative in adapting his physical environment to meet his needs, and he shares that knowledge as well as his passion for health and nutrition, and practical strategies to help members and their families thrive.

3. “Life After the Hospital” – Continuing Education for Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital Staff

Wesley Hamilton will speak to CRH staff in a town hall discussion format. He will share what he wishes he had been prepared for when he left the hospital, his most significant challenges, and will help the staff consider how they might can help people prepare even better for their post-hospital lives.

4. The 2021 Empowerment Event!

An evening of celebration and inspiration delivered through the stories and work of four disabled individuals who have achieved great success and by following their passions, many in traditionally “disability unfriendly” industries. The event will feature award winning short films from the Easter Seals Disability Film Challenge, a short documentary of the newly produced 2021 Junior Wheelchair Sports Camp with Wesley Hamilton, and will include compelling discussions and performances by the filmmakers.

Shield HealthCare has a long and warm relationship with Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital, and we value its mission of providing vital rehabilitative services to our local community.

To learn more about the Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation, click here.

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